Applying Text Question???

I’m following a modeling tutorial and getting ready to apply the texture. However, I want to add text and give it an “embedded” look. Would you advise me to first add/tweak the text in PhotoShop on the texture, or apply the texture and add/embed the text in Blender?

Using 2.69, and a relative newbie…don’t hurt me!! :>)

If it’s flat, yes, you could use Text converted to mesh (do not forget to delete doubles and recalculate normals for now converted Text mesh).
At the point you decide you want to ‘glue’ it to non-flat surface (in order to bake normalmap for the object) you will start to hate World.

Thanks, eppo, for the quick reply. By your “yes”, do you mean "Yes, use photoshop, or Yes use Blender?? I hope you mean PhotoShop, because “baking and gluing” is still beyond my learning curve!! :>)

Oh, well, “Text converted to mesh” is still blender as is “baking” it’s slang, but for first projects PS texture will work just fine. Blender’s Text objects can be tricky.