Applying texture by face angle?

Hey, I’m working on a project where I used the Sculpt Mode to model a mountain range, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to map a texture only to the steeper or flatter portions of the model, similar to Terragen’s Surface Map Distribution effects?
I know I’m kind of comparing apples to oranges since Terragen works from heightmaps, but it seems like there should be a way to accomplish the same effect using the faces’ normals somehow…

might be a good use for material nodes’ normal with a map value to clamp the values…but I’m no material node expert.


Thanks, but as far as I can tell that will only work on heightfields generated by the plugin itself, not a preexisting model like I’m trying to use…

Maybe I’ll try playing around with the material nodes like RogerWickes suggested; I’ve never really used the node editor beyond adding vector blur.

It works on any model. It’s a Texture Plugin, it has no mesh-generation capability.


This would only work for static scenes, but what if you use a ramp shader with Normal input on your landscape. Make the colorband a smooth black-to-white progression, or a pseudocolor "rainbow."If you render with the camera facing down the Z-axis, you get face colors or gray levels that depend on the angle with the camera normal. I imagine from this point you could bake the colors to an image or even to vertex colors. Then you would use the compositor to replace colors with textures, but I have no idea how you’d do that. Anyone?

Ah, you’re right. Sorry, I guess I just misunderstood it.

Thanks. :slight_smile: