Applying texture to joined shape

Hello! I have a minor problem in applying a texture to a table which is composed of multiple geometries that have been joined together.

As you can see in the picture on points 1 and 3 the texture is correctly applied to say so, but at points 2 it isn’t. It acts like they are separate objects. I would want it to be applied like it is only one object, so a continued texture on all of those points. I can achieve that effect by modifying texture coordinates from UV to generated, but that distorts other parts of the object. How can i solve this?
The blender file and textures can be downloaded from here:

The geometry is not contiguous so what do you expect?

You can always manually edit the UVs to make the texture appear continuous. Alternatively, you can make the geometry itself continuous and then auto-unwrap the UVs again.

How can i make it continuous?

The geometry? Start by deleting the faces that are not seen on the outside, then join overlapping vertices, finally add new vertices with the knife tool.

I have tried doing that to a super simple geometry and i’m still not doing it right… It works well on a cuboid but when i bevel the corner, because of the edges that are created i get a distortion

I applied the scale of the object (always do this, especially do not work with non-uniformly scaled objects), marked certain edges as seams and then UV unwrapped:


Final result (from this side at least the texture is continuous. obviously, it cannot look continuous from every side, because of the necessary seams):

Btw, there still was some overlapping geometry which I cleaned up by merging by distance.

ex2.blend (872.8 KB)

Thanks a lot for your help! Everything looks fine now besides those things:

I’d like them to be vertical but i can’t seem to find a way to make them not be displaced like this. ex3.blend (971.8 KB)

I don’t think you inlcuded/packed the wood texture…

I think you need to manually adjust your UV map or unwrap with seams that can’t be seen from the camera

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Thank you again for the help! I manually rotated it and now it looks good!

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