Applying Textures in 2.8

Hi all
I couldn’t find any info on this… Is there going to be any change in behaviour of applying textures to models in 2.8? I really don’t understand the 2.7 system.
It would be standard practice to have a texture show up on the model when I apply a material. Having to go into the uv editor and apply it again makes no sense to me. And you can even use a different texture! Madness.

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be great. It’s one of the main things about Blender that still just completely baffles me.

Applying textures has a basic workflow that is the same in all 3d softwares, which is mapping the texture on the model (usually through uv mapping) and adding the texture to the material. UV-mapping and adding the texture to the material are two different things. You can’t really do them in one single step. They are two different actions by design.

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Your material textures will show up in look dev mode and eevee and cycles in rendered mode. There is no longer a need in 2.8 to assign textures in uv editor.

If you are in “solid” mode you will see nothing. This is a change from 2.79 where you would see whatever texture was chosen in the uv editor in textured solid mode and whatever was in the material (although only the active node) in material mode or rendered mode.

The old behaviour stems way back to when the game engine ignored materials and textures were assigned using the UV editor. That said I guess it was kept around so people could use a UV grid to check density in the uv editor and material mode to preview the material (although in cycles material mode was always a bit hokey and only showed the selected texture node from your graph)

Now if you want to check density you’ll have to assign a chequer texture in your material but I’m guessing the new system is what you want anyway!


Actually in flat and studio mode if your material has a texture you can set colour in shading dropdown to texture

@Michael_W Thanks for your detailed reply, that was the answer I was hoping for!

@greenorangejuice just to clarify, the part I don’t get in Blender is assigning textures in the UV editor… The UV editor should be used for editing UVs. The texture panel should be used for assigning textures.

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But the UV editor isn’t used to assign textures. It’s just for mapping.

It is used in 2.79 to say what textures you see in the viewport in textured solid and texture modes. so it’s an assignment of sorts…
Historically it was also how you assigned texface textures in the game engine but that was deprecated many versions ago!

If you use the material utils addon you can get the textures from your material to show up in teh uv editor and vice versa

shift Q —> specials -->material to texface and shift Q —> specials -->texface to material.

Also with that addon if you assign a material with textures it will automatically make the UV editor correct. (at least in blender internal not sure about with cycles anymore

Keep in mind, that texture mode there is not accurate at all, the changes you do in you texture are not displayed there, so no point using it. You better texture in look dev/rendered mode.

I’m a bit confuse about this “solid” and see nothing and “look dev” your material textures will show up. I think mine was different this confused me both option nothing happended except in solid i choose under shading “texture” and when i select “look dev” no texture at all as you can see it has texture and the planks has uv. can you please elaborate this more so everyone and or I can understand this very well.

here I attach the link for blend file

p.s i can’t move forward T_T i retest it again and still no texture.

p.s again. why does blender foundation never include the combination of material+texture why do we need to separate viewing of those two is there an option i can shift mats+texture? how i can even see my texture when material applied on it? this baffles me ever since i used blender. not all user has strong pc that relies on real time shader adjustment i use i3 and gt240 card


i found a bug or maybe just a glitch of this blender 2.8 and eevee look dev and render is that when I don’t see any texture during lookdev is that you need to remove that UVMap then undo it just to view those texture while lookdev enable.

ps. again. why does blender foundation never include the combination of material+texture by selecting using shift just to enable both because every artist has different preference. Screenshot_6

i think there was a bug recently that eevee wasn’t getting uvs data unless you toggle in and out of edit mode. it has been fixed. try the buildbot in a day or so

blender-2.80.0-git.69aac135243-windows64 this is the build I’m working on. It’s too early to decide if this UV editing will have an improvement or it will be stay as it is since 2.7x I was hoping from the developer to improve the algorithm its just too expensive to buy another software while choosing an open source apps.

as of now 2.8 working in uv is correct in and out.

I find the UV editing workspace useless and really dislike the cycles method on how to unwrap. I was so used to the BI method. It so much easier because doesnt matter what texture is on the material, you could preview anything else. Also you could cycle between the uv channels and preview them really quick.

Now i need to quite some steps which is mainly build a quick material which has a map. Than why is UV editing workspace there? It starts in solid mode which still has the option to show textures, but it only shows in object mode and not in edit mode.

I hope you all don’t mind, but I have another question about textures that isn’t directly related to this topic, but it is kinda related.

In this scenario above, I added a texture node to the material, and it works as expected. My question, how can I change the color of the texture from the white that it defaults to? I would like to set the texture color to something other than white, but I am stuck on how to do that.

I think a color ramp or gradient, but i never use Cycles :slight_smile:
Perhaps wait and see what people tell which do know cycles

Yes colorramp in between your musgrave and principle shader. You can also use a MixRGB but than your limited to 2 colours.

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Yay! :grinning: I can definitely see why color ramp is preferred, as shown by my silly use of colors below:

I am not sure what you mean by cycles, for I have it set to EEVEE (circled above).

Many, many thanks for your help with this!!!

I’m having this issue–my ‘lookdev’ shows the texture, but the ‘solid’ does not when I select ‘texture’. I thought I had this working before, but on this other project it’s not showing up.

I’m not sure what you mean ROYOR, though it seems like I’m having that bug, but not sure what you did exactly to solve it.

Thank you.