Applying textures in multiple parts of the same mesh

Hi all,
ive been learning how to use projection painting in character texturing but i just tested in the head and not in the entire body and accessories as well…the thing is i have a single mesh with with clothes and everything in the same mesh(object).,.i assgined different texture materials for each part of the body such as : hands/head/shirt/suede vest/pants and shoes,but now i dunno how to use projection painting for each part,like i want to create a difference UV image for each part…by clicking new and save it as png…but i can perform that only once,with the first part and then the other parts i cant seem to find a way around that…the only “solution” i found is to put the different parts of the body in dif groups but i think that it shouldnt be done for some reason =/
i already have in mind a couple of options that i can do in order to rearrange that but im in doubt so im hoping someone can give me an idea of where to start of ?
and i also hope that the text above is clear enuff for u guys but jus in case i can rephrase that later ^^
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From what i understand, you want to projection paint on only one part of the mesh?

Well what I would recommend is doing the entire thing at once, but if you insist, add a new UV layer for each body part (hands, legs, clothes, head, etc.) and then unwrap each part onto its UV layer

then load up your image for each part

and then in the texture options change your image and your UV layer to match the part you’re working on.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey Tictoon,
thanks for the fast reply and im not 100% sure if you got the idea and neither if i got the ur point but ima try that later then ill post the results here and in my wip section as well!!
thanks again :wink:
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ok im in trouble lol jks :smiley:
aight man here s my situation,i created a first UV in the editing tab with the name Base,then i unwrapped the whole mesh,with every seams marked ok ,so far so gud,afterwards i started creating the projection unwrapping ,just for testing purposes ,i only created the front view of the head and unwrapped that as project from view…rearranged the the UV coordinates by moving the points around but when i switched to the texture mode to start painting i realized somethng was messed with the texture resolution,considering i created the colormap.png with 2048x2048 res i think it was supposed to be fine for painting …soooo…thats why i want to unwrap the parts individually so i get 100% of the texture resolution…coz i noticed it happend coz i unwrapped the whole mesh in a single UV view, so the parts are sized much smaller than when u unwrap it separatly, know i mean? the text might look a bit confusing but thats the best way i found to explain this scenario!!
i hope any of u guys can help me out with this …
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ok i finally managed a way to create one UV base for each part of the character then create the projection view textures afterwards but i was wondering why blender only allows u to create 8 UV textures only? coz when i create lets say ,the head front view and side view after painting in the texture mode and saving the colormap ,i have to delete the front and side view in order to create other textures for painting,what if i need more UVs? any clue on how to get around this “issue” or dilema lol
i really need some help on this coz i ve got to move on to the next part which is build the first city map…
any help is greatly apreciated !!!
thanks in advance,

Heelp i need somebody HELP lol Weirdo?