Applying Textures

Hello. I am a complete noob with blender. I decided to make a castle in Blender for a project in a computer class in college. I’ve done pretty well adjusting myself and building my castle. The big presentation is next week and i’ve got most things squared away except for texturing. I’ve figured out how to apply a texture to everything but when i do this it textures all of my castle even though i’ve only tried to apply a material to one mesh like a tower or a piece of wall.

I’ve noticed that in the properties window it says i only have one object, which is cube.001. I can select the different parts of my castle that i would like to individually texture but it always textures the whole thing. I don’t know if i went wrong somewhere earlier or i’m just missing a basic understanding of texturing. I did build much of it by copying an object like a wall, so i don’t know if that would matter or not. If anyone could help me out it would be great. Thanks.

If someone could just point me in the right direction? Do i need to provide more info?

It sounds like you have the same material applied to all objects. Probably from duplicating the original object to make the rest of the castle.
\You can always post up the blend file for us to look at.