Applying transforms moves object origin to 0,0,0? How to stop that!?

So, I am doing a lot of pretty basic work that involves a number of boxes, setting the 3d cursor, moving corners of boxes to the cursor (usually the corner of another box), little stuff like that. And, from time to time I am having to set object origins, or to apply scale/position/rotate.

But, whenever I Ctrl-A Apply All, to avoid having to individually apply loc/rot/scl, it is resetting my object origins to… the actual origin. This is very unwanted behavior, and is adding in several extra steps to correct way too often.

Am I doing something wrong with my Ctrl-A? I don’t recall this happening in 2.79… How can I apply my transforms without completely resetting my object origins?

Thats exactly what Apply Location does… it has always been like this. That’s what it is supposed to do. If you just want to apply the Scale and Rotation, you have to choose those individually.

I’m confused then what the purpose of applying location even would be? I mean, I guess it makes sense since it’s resetting the position, but now I’m not really sure when I would ever use it, and I’m so used to hitting apply all I’m not sure why I never noticed this before now. For some reason in my head I thought of it as zeroing out the position coordinates, but that doesn’t really make sense to keep the object origin where it is AND zero them out, because it would create an entirely new 0,0,0, which is, obviously, nonsense. Hmmm… I guess it makes sense why rot/scl is specifically an option in the pie menu when none of the other combinations are. Thanks