Applying UV Texture to Screw Object

Is it possible to add a UV texture to a screw object? For example, I’m trying to model tennis racquet handle tape, by spinning a rectangle like this around the handle, then applying a “handle-tape” UV image to it. I tried using “Mark Seam” but am having difficulties. Any hints?

the seam looks ok, but maybe it’s just that it is so long? try dividing it into shorter segments with a couple of additional seams, and see how that works out.

problem with seams is that if set in front view they will be seen

so try to put it in the back where it won’t show like a vertical seam

happy 2.5

I’ll try to describe better what I’m attempting. I have a graphic like this:

which is like a tennis racquet grip tape. I’m hoping to map it linearly along a bezier path, but instead, Blender renders it as though it’s shining a slide projector at the full shape, like this, which is not what I’m wanting:

Maybe that looks artistic, but I was hoping to get the red lines to run down each edge.

This is in preparation to adding the texture to my (better) grip tape model as shown below. (I was able to get closer to the grip geometry by spinning a curve with the Screw Modifier, but I still can’t figure out if it is possible to texture it as intended.):

Any thoughts? (Thanks for what was already posted. These ideas got me thinking.)

can you upload a sample file form thsi grip handle

should work with vertical seam!

happy 2.5

if you want the image to repeat for every face, reunwrap using the option ‘reset’. if they are rotated the wrong way, you can fix them, i think with the W key ( specials ) and option ‘rotate UV’. Used to be hotkey R in UV face mode, but it’s more complicated now since there is no UV face mode.
(edit) upon re-reading, I see that reset is not the option you need. Try the option ‘cylinder unwrap’ if it still exists.

I attached a Blender file with the relevant elements. There is 1) a plane with the grip tape mapped correctly, 2) a grip cylinder (green) made from a Bezier Curve and Screw modifier, and 3) a grip cylinder (blue) made from a Mesh and Screw modifier. Again, what I’m wanting is to basically take that grip tape, and spin it around the grip. (Ideally, the green one.) Didn’t think this would be such a hard puzzle!

The tape “tile” is packed into the file.


spiralWrapTestBA.blend (626 KB)