Applying vector blur to rendered animation. Need help!

Hi guys!
At the moment I’m working at compositing an animation. Ideally I need to export a lot of render passes separately so I can combine them later in the Node editor. So far so good, but I simply cannot make the vector blur work. Even if I export the Vector and Z passes as image files, it doesn’t work to use them as input for Z and Speed of the Vector Blur node.

Does anyone have any tips? I’m totally lost… I really thought this would be straight forward…

Attach an example blend file that shows it not working. - This is an example. I’m not sure if it will work, I have never packed external files into a blend file.

Connecting the rendered vector file does not produce blur, only if I use the real Vector pass. I thought this would work without any problem…

I’ve been trying to do this as well. I have the Z export figured, but not the speed. In your example, your Z variable should pass through a normalize node before going to file output - no need for the map value and color ramp (though I think those are necessary for exporting speed vector). Export using Open EXR multilayer format. It allows you to save image, alpha and Z info in one file.

Reply if you’ve found a solution to exporting vector info. Thanks.