Approach for a realistic fireworks animation


(spoiler: this one has a chance of not being a purely blender minded question)
About a month ago i was looking at the newyear fireworks in antwerp and I promised myself to make a decent fireworks animation in 2013 :slight_smile: I’ve been looking around the net a lot, but keep coming back to tuts explaining how tomake ye old basic fireworks screensaver, looking all digitally an no impressive at all.

then two months ago I ra-n into this awesome vid: Great balls of fire,

now i know this was done with particle systems etc, but any thoughts on how to make these so much more realistic then ye olde average fireworks& particles screensaver?

one more thing that bugs me is: in my last after effects and trapcode experiment, i had a shell flying up, which was one particle system, then a separate one for the explosion + tracers ( tracers were secondary emmissions) but if i want them tracers to explode again?

fireworks are quite a lot mor complicated then I thought on newyear, as it turns out :slight_smile:

great question, but you’re more likely to get an answer in the support forums which are down toward the bottom. don’t sweat it though, a mod will probably move the thread to the particles and simulations section of the support section.

Hello BenderFX,

here are links for tutorials with Particle fireworks effects. I hope that can help you.

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