Approval needed for tutorials?

Why in the world can any troll spam any forum here with the exception of the tutorials forum, where a moderator approval is needed? This seems a little upside down to me.

I know I am playing the whiney kid now, because I spent an evening with a video tutorial about composite nodes, which I want to share, but I’m waiting for nearly 2 days now.

If there is no moderator to approve tutorials, please remove that rule. And still, it would make more sense to me if any other forum needed approval. The support forum is no place for trolls anyway.


Tutorial forum is just for posting Tutorial threads, nothing else, if requesting, see above.

If we should have a free Tutorial forum, it would end up as any other of the forum, cluttered, but Tutorial forum is supposed to have just Tutorials, and nothing else, but of course, questions and answer can be posted in the following posts after the first post containing the tutorial.

There have been numerous of posts that I have needed to unapprove or delete just because they are not Tutorials and that users doesn’t read the stickies.

just approved some threads/posts and removed some, and also approved yours, sorry for the delay…


Thank you!

How long does it normally take for a tutorial to get through (would like feedback on a beginner one I hope is going to get past the jury… have also waited about two days)

it all depends when we have time to review them, our work here are based on our sparetime.

I approved yours just about.

Yes, you did. I saw it just this morning. Thanks! :slight_smile: