Approx. AO strange uniform shadow patches

Hello there.

I am having a problem with approximate ambient occlusion - please see the attached image.
Along the orange steel beam, the shadows have uniformly strange dark patches. This doesnt occur in raytraced AO so I assume it must be something to do with the sampling(?)
My approx. AO settings are:-
Passes 0
Correction 0.75
Error 0.1
Both ‘use falloff’ and ‘pixel cache’ are not turned on.
I cannot use raytraced as it is taking two hours an image and I havent got the time unfortunately.

Does anybody know how to stop the shadows from doing this?



PS, I’m still using 2.49b.


that’s because AAO is working not with rays but with geometry, that is, the actual faces. Use a SubsurfModifier set to “simple” to get more faces, and try to match the face density throughout your scene.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Well, you learn something (Blender related) every day!
I will try this!
Cheers Matt.