Apreciate some Ideas on how to modell a handle of a gatlingun/minigun.

Hello Blender Community and i Modell a Gatling/Minigun
I am far as This

i dont have no idea on how to make the handle in the back of the gun
ya know ? i someone has an idea how to make it would get apreciated by me :smiley:

it would help if you could show a pic of the handle!

happy bl

thats the problem there isnt a handle and i have no idea how to make one

may be look at 20 mm canon with handles!

happy bl

hmm okay ill see what i can do

if this is for a game, the mesh doesn’t have to be all a single piece. you can model the handle as a separate object to get the shape you want, then position it, and join it to the gun object. you can then select the various meshes in the object by placing your mouse over them and hitting L. so don’t worry about getting vertices confused.

if you want to connect the handle, then you will need to insert enough edge loops in the body of the gun so that you have a spot with enough vertices in the top of the gun body to match the bottom of the handle, then just weld them in your preferred method.

Mine WIP detailed before normal bake.

You could just model your minigun handel by referencing some chainsaw pictures, they are very similar in shape except in blade to miniguns, I mean they are also hand heald.