apricot build normals baking

I have absolutely no idea where to ask this, so i suppose I’ll ask here. please move the thread if it’s in the wrong place : )

I made a simple game-res model, duplicate, multi-res, and sculpted it, then tried baking the normals. it worked fine, and looks great in glsl textured mode, except in the baking random portions of the normal map are inverted:

and here’s that part of the normal map:

the normals on everything are correct, but as you can see the inverted parts match up with the triangles on the game model:

I tried re-baking it, the inverted parts shuffle randomly. there are no overlaps in the UV map.
I’m using blender apricot build 15608 on mac, and a slightly older one on windows (xp), and they both have the same problem.

has anyone run into this problem? if so, is there a solution?
many thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

I hate to bump a thread, but I have an excuse:
it appears that only the red channel (x coordinate) is having these problems; technically I could go into photoshop and manually fix it, but there are over fifty different problem triangles on this model alone and the problem happens for every normals bake I do. quite the conundrum.
again, any help is muchly appreciated- I’m so desperate I’m making up words!

I haven’t done any normal map baking in Blender, so maybe give xNormal a go?