Apricot changes being merged into trunk as of now, no more needing an Apricot build


Once the process is complete, you won’t need an Apricot build anymore for GLSL, it’ll already be in the regular Blender SVN.

I think tomorrow or so as all the stuff goes into Blender trunk it’ll be time to get the builds up.

does this mean that those features will be in 2.5 ?

when would we see a movie actuator ? :slight_smile:

thanks CD …

i think the should focuss on getting in realtime reflection in the next version of blender. of course, thast just me, ive never thought much of glsl. i just like the apricot build cuz it has some fixes.

Sweet! Any news on the merging of the GSoC projects into the trunk svn as well?

Shrinkwrap is in there, so road creation is a lot easier, the text editor improvements seem to be there. The others still need polishing and improvement.

What about the FreeStyle integration from the GSoC also. I really want to see some coool!! line renderings from Blender, and Maxime has worked so hard on the preliminaries…

actually something that would help GREATLY would e to incorporate an application into a blender game. wut im saying is like, for example, if i wanted to put a application that i made into a blender game, all i would hav to do is put in a specific object, and then open the text editor, and enter in the source code, and add a “source code” controller to it, and WALLA! i know it sounds pretty impossible, but no one expects 2.50 to come out for a while.