Apricot Game Project Website/Blog is up!

Check it :slight_smile:



  • Validation: create full functional game prototype, industry quality
  • Crystal Space development: HDR lighting, game logic, character animation
  • Blender development: animation prototyping, pipeline improvements
  • Realize in Open Source, deliver in Open Content (Creative Commons)
  • Education. (Training/workshops, presentations, documentation, DVD)


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This project not just about Crystal Space game engine development, lot of new things
will be added for blender to became a real game content creation tool!
So this project will be valuable for any other game engine plugin project too!

Think of how many names are gonna be on the credits. Sounds like a good project, though. I’ll be excited to check in on that site to see how their production is going.

i edited a bit the first post for with more info

thanks for the info…