apricot glsl light map material

i am baking light maps for my game engine…

the apricot builds with glsl support are really great for previewing light maps directly in blender.

i have a small problem though. in my game engine the light maps get applied by multiplying them x2. this means the light map values will be in the 0…2 range instead of the usual 0…1.

how could i achieve this in blender?

does nobody have an idea?

another try now that the game engine was talked about a lot in the recent weeks… :slight_smile:

does nobody know if this is possible in blender?

all game engines i looked at use modulateX2 for light maps because light maps should be able to lighten and darken the textures. with a normal multiply they can only darken the textures.

Could you add the map to itself? Possibly using nodes? Or is the format restricting it to be in the 0…1 range?