Apricot name, vote!!

Hey, this week we’re thinking of a name for the game, and it’s pretty difficult. Here’s a list of some of the ideas we’ve had so far, so have a vote. We need to make a decision within a few days. To put the names into context, the game is a bullying game where the final objective is to run down the rabbit. :RocknRoll: So far our favorites are “Yo Frankie!”, “The Rise of Frank”

“Yo Frankie!”, “The Rise of Frank”

after reading them at once , i thought that those two are the coolest of them :slight_smile: as well
well , … Yo Frankie , i vote for it , can’t we suggest other names ?

footloose frank is good too …

I think Furry Vendetta, is the most spot on name. Frankie goes to Hollywoods ;).


frankie’s reign of terror -cambi

other i liked:

frankie’s tail whipping turmoil -cambi (maybe should have even voted that)

i dunno, just think crash bandicoot: …

“Yo Frankie!” sounds like a line from a Silvester Stalone Rocky movie :stuck_out_tongue:
“The rise of Frank” reminds me of a Sega Mega Drive game “The Rise of the Machines” :smiley:

“Furry Vendetta” and “Footloose Frank” are the ones I like most, so piking one… my vote goes to Footloose Frank

Some crapy sugestions:
- Frank Bulbbit (Bullying Rabbit);
- Frank the Flying Squeirl - Bunny Goes Down;
- The Frank Revenge;
- FLB (Frank loves Bunny)

Furry Vendetta!
Because Sago (the director) came up with it and because I like it.

- AniCator

PS: My crappy contributions:
The AfterBunny
The GodSquirrel
Frankie’s Road to Eldorado (hehe… a creative mind)
Big Buck hates Frankie
Frankie’s Day Out

I don’t really like any of them.

What about To Be Frank. It’s a common phrase that means to get to the point but in this case signifies that you are actually getting to play as Frank.

Frankie Goes to Holly Woods is pretty good assuming the woods are called that but I don’t know if you’d get any copyright issues there.

Bad fur day

oh…that was done already…

2nd choice is “Furry Vendetta” sounds sweet.

i like furry vendetta

maybe try changing it to “A Furry Vendetta” - just furry vendetta doesn’t sound right to me :slight_smile:

I’ll agree with osxrules, that I don’t really like any of them. Few of them sound professional enough. Other than just not sounding good, I think it would not give proper credit to the developers and artists who worked so hard on this. So far, I think I will have to go with “Frank Unleashed”. Though that’s probably dangerously close to “Force Unleashed”…

…Or Sonic Unleashed :stuck_out_tongue:

“Small Swoop Squirrel”

I don’t really agree with any of them except for Frankie Unleashed, but it needs to be eye-catching! Like, Big Buck Bunny:The Game, or The Ultimate Sheep Kill, or Goodbye Mandy, or Frankie the Rodent, but for right now, I’ll vote for, “Frankie Unleashed” by chris.

Oh yeah and Fly with the Squirrel-The Game Blender Foundation!

I voted for “Frankie’s park of pain”

yo Franky was cool…

how about this idea for the game name: Squirrel, army of one!

The rise of frank is pretty cool, but i think you need to brainstorm a little more!

(Yeah, ironic coming from the guy who named his game “4X4” :p)

–>something without frank or furry in it? :wink: most of the names are a mouthfull…I like footlose frank them most… kinda hard to know without knowing what happens in the game?

how could I not vote for ton’s title?

I think “furry fury” alone would sound better than “furry fury franki”

Frank unleashed!