Apricot name, vote!!

I think “furry fury” would be a great title. why put Frank’s name in there at all?
I know this is a voting session, but it would have been better to have suggestions from more people… before beginning the vote.

Yet another electability issue :slight_smile:

My picks:
1- Frank Unleashed
2- Point Blank Frank

The ones I don’t like:
1- furry vendetta
2- furry fury frankie

You should also take pronunciation into consideration. “furry vendetta” and “furry fury” are not readily pronounced.

The importance of being Frankie

I voted for: frankie’s war on everything, I lol’d ,but Yo! frankie, sounds more stylish, and more rememberable, also Yo! is a word in many languages, so it works there too.

I think “Fur will Fly” would be a good name, for several reasons.

I prefer “The rise of Frank”, because the game could be the interactive story, which sheds light on the background of frank’s bad character :D. It would be easy to create a storyline with this title at hand. The cross-reference to hannibal lector helps, too: The more you do bad things in the game, the more you get a freakin’ butterfly killer, we all have seen in BBB!


too bad, that so few voted for “The rise of Frank” right now! :frowning:

Furry Vendetta sounds best, otherwise i would have voted for Point Blank Frank, but that sounded more like a military style fps. :yes:

Furry Vendetta fits the style well. :cool:

How about the latin name of species frank is?
Pteromys volans ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_Flying_Squirrel )

Another good idea would be Fly Frank Fly ! (FFF anyone ?)

ethnic cleansing made me lol.

I didn’t notice that. How did that even make the list?

You could also have Frank and Beans. Does he have a sidekick called Beans? Or maybe he just collects beans.

No vote but a suggestion: “Rodent Run”

Good suggestion.

yeah RODENT RUN rocks!! heh heh like that better than any on the list… :wink:

BBB da game


Grand Frank In Advance (GFA)


Big Buck Bunny: Franks stories (another gta reference)


Smal Flying Squirrel

But i voted for “yo frankie”

“Ton Roosendaal’s Cool Game for Attractive People…”

rodent run ++

why is furry vendatta geting all the votes? I like Frankie Unleashed and Frankie’s Park of Pain!

Yo Frankie rulez! It’s simple, sounds better!:yes: