Apricot Open Game team Selected

Ton Roosendaal has announced the selection of the Apricot Open Game Team:We proudly present to you a great international team of artists and developers who will come to Amsterdam february 2008 to make the Open Game project happen!

  • Dariusz Dawidowski, Poland, Lead game designer
  • Qareeb Alhaqq, Canada, Art Direction
  • Christopher Plush, USA, Lead artist
  • Frank Richter, Germany, Game engine developer
  • Pablo Martin, Spain, Crystal Space - Blender integrator, level editing
  • Campbell Barton, Australia, Blender - Crystal Space integrator, Python scripter

This project will be supported in the Blender Institute by:

  • Brecht van Lommel, Belgium, Blender developer
  • Margreet Riphagen, Netherlands, Producer
  • Ton Roosendaal, Netherlands, Blender project lead

Further we have permanent online support of:

  • Jorrit Tyberghein, Belgium, Crystal Space project lead
  • Marten Svanfeldt, Sweden, physics/GE developer

And of course the support of the entire Blender and Crystal Space community! The next week we’ll work on setting up a small website, and then launch the donation / presale campaign for everyone who’s interested in having the Open Source Game creation pipeline tested and validated.

This is going to be fun!


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Using Crystal Space would be an attractive choice if the pipeline is made as quick and painless as possible, it’s not confusing, easy to use, and it has all the features of Bullet.

From the sound of it you’ll make your whole level in Blender, that’s a nice thing to see.

Awesome!, is there any need for some random community outsourcing here and there?

I would be willing to want to contribute something!

I think this game must be run on consoles, for example Wii.
They planned this?

i don’t like the idea of them using crystal space because this dosnt show the true power of blender ge

they need to integrate crystal space into blender or something to improve blender ge

i don’t like the idea of them using crystal space because this dosnt show the true power of blender ge

The power of the blender GE is probably what made them choose CS in the first place.

I hope to see them integrate it more into the blender main download package, so it is easier on the new people to get started right away with a modern game engine.