Apricot problem!

Hello I got a problem with my camera in apricot. When I wanna play test and I go to camera view. Everything goes black when I test play and I can’t see a thing.

If I’m not in camera view I can see everuthing perfectly…
How come…

Blend file - Please have a look. http://encodable.com/cgi-bin/filechucker.cgi?action=landing&path=/&file=Star_game.blend
Now it seems like the camera is flipped up and down and backwards wtf??? O.o

Can you post the blend?

Posted the blend, I don’t think the textures came with it. But it’s supposed to be a planet. Anyway if you can figure out how to fix the camera…it would be great!

ive encountered this problem numerous times, the way mine was fixed was u size the camera down significantly, and if that doesnt work then replace the camera, if those dont work then ill hav a look at the blend

It doesn’t work to scale it down. But I have a camera parented to a cube, and when I un parented it it worked fine. So the problem is when I parent the camera to the cube. Then the camera faces backwards and upside down. Anyone got a clue what this is? Is it some kinda bug or something?:eyebrowlift2:

Here is a updated blend…

ooooh psh, this is oh so simple :stuck_out_tongue: dude just color each object a different color, since everything is the same color it all blends in. if u want to stay in texture mode then just add some textures, but if not then go into solid mode and just color them different.