Apricot Project Website/Blog is up.

Just as a heads-up to everyone,

Just checking blender.org today, and they have a banner that links to the new “Apricot” Website/Blog.


And the dvd for sale… ( for those that didn’t visit the blog yet ):


Also worth linking to, is the Crystal Space apricot page - Here
Which also has the link to their apricot forum. - Here

Also I quote:

If you want to chat about Apricot you can visit the #opengame IRC channel on FreeNode.net.


yeh, i just some 20 minutes ago noticed it too :slight_smile:

It’s great :smiley:
Already bought the dvd. It will be really fun to study the content when it’s available.

Now do like me - buy the DVD :rolleyes:

Drives me nuts!!

they keep talking about “industry-standard”

Where is this standard? who wrote it? Who makes it?
Like there is really some list somewhere , that lists all the things that the industry issues as the standard.

There is no such thing as “industry-standard”, that is just a catch phrase that software salesmen use.

The game industry still sells games with outdated engines, and crap graphics, along with the nice games… There is no “Standard, or gauge” for how a nice a game looks and plays.

sorry for the rant, but lets leave the misleading sales talk to the commercial games, and start talking about real things like HDR lighting, or ragdolls, or an advanced terrain system, or real time stencil shadows… The “professional quality” and “industry-standard” talk is just a bunch of salseman hog $h!t!!!

ok, I feel better now :slight_smile:

Good luck Apricot team! we are all rooting for you :smiley:
Going to order my DVD as soon as the wifey gets home :slight_smile:


it is in reference to ‘de facto’ standards, not formal standards.


to those who still don’t understand: it is in reference to what studios such as Id or Team6 need from ‘pipelines’ :slight_smile:

Quick note, I edited a couple of other links about apricot into the first post.


OMG, project Apricot already available for download! get it while its hot :slight_smile:

Ahahaha… very nice Lamoot, ( So long as you arn’t serious… :wink: )


C’mon, I really don’t understand this childish rage. You can write such a bs about almost every announce then. They don’t talk about any ISO standard though…