Apricot question about groups

Hi all. On studying the Apricot tech demo, I see that Frankie is linked into the main game as a group. His rig also contains the camera which is as I suspected. But if I try it out myself, I can’t figure out how to make the BGE set the camera that merges in with my character as the active camera. Does anyone have a clue on this?

I’m assuming the work flow is using Link rather than append to bring in the data…?


active camera for what? pressing p?

so right click => numpad 0 doesn’t work?

maybe a screenshot ?

I don’t really understand what ur asking


Yes, as the focussed camera at runtime. The camera is referenced in as part of the character’s group. You can’t select it to hit 0.


well I’m not sure if many people here are experienced with Apricot’s methods, especially if a guy like you doesn’t know it, probably martinsh or Pablo could help though

kay_Eva, fyi, Pablo was the character artist, Campbell did the gameplay and is usually the one to ask about apricot game logic. I did some gameplay but mostly the more remedial stuff that Campbell could’ve done in his sleep, but I let him have the nights off =P

grsaaynoel, the camera is set using the scene actuator connected to the camera in frankie.blend. The field in this is blank so it refers to itself. It’s as simple as that. It’s connected to the script “frank_init” mainly for two player purposes. The camera assumes the ID of the characters it’s grouped with(in this case it’s in 2 groups), and uses this ID for split screen play, having their viewport dimensions defined in lines 123-132.

In the Frankie.blend there is a Scene/Set Camera Actuator run by the init_player script. I guessed it was that though not tried to replicate it

Ed… ok Blengine beat me by a few seconds and his answers better