Apricot: Realtime shadows discover

I discovered how to make realtime shadows running on a bad graphics card around 21 FPS! On a good one it should go around 40
Here’s how to do it:
Go to the light settings of your shadow spotlight, where it says ShadowBufferSize reduce it to 512.
Reduce samples to 1
Tested on Rozzy’s Desideratum. A pretty big map.

Perhaps an example file would be nice…

Alright, here it is. Runs at 32 FPS for me.


suzt.blend (254 KB)

will it work on a card that doesn’t support glsl?


will it work on a card that doesn’t support glsl?

Unfortunately, it does not work on cards that do not support GLSL.

i want shadows…

Go buy one. it’s only $30-50 (on newegg)

Hey cool, you discovered something that people have been talking about since they came out with the shadows :wink: lol I think I’ve told people on this forum 3 times by now (I probably should a’ bothered to make a thread out of it;-)…but whatever, it’s not really important, my GFX card can also, only handle 512 size shadow maps… but if those maps got blurred think how, cool that would be… 10 out of 10 for experimenting with the settings… now if only everyone else would do the same.

Damn you B3, you spelled “Desideratum” wrong!

I’d love to. I’ve downloaded all the Apricot builds and only the first build issued supports shading and normal maps on my machine - and I have a 8600GT card and am running Windows XP with the latest drivers. :frowning:

Don’t worry.
It’s the one I use. I packed it for blendenzo.

For some strange reason, my computer makes me give my username and password (for Vista, not my BlenderArtists password and username) to get in. I haven’t yet, but could you try a different uploading site? Like Filefront?