Apricot: The battle rages... Now with text.

Ok. i have run into yet another problem. Text wont show up. Ive tried all of the alpha settings i could find, but the text image just wont show up. It is highly frustrating… anyone got suggestions?

compile it again, that seems they fixed that issue today

thread hijack!

im having apricot problems too, i have an action set up how i normaly would in an official release, but it doesnt work in a new build, it just goes back to the armatures “cleared rotation” position after hitting “p”

has anything changed to set up actions in the GE for apricot? and ill try a new build

Whaaaaa? downloaded 15606 from graphicall.org, compiling is still a mystery to me…

Apricot is rittled with holes, don’t be surprised to find it fighting you on everything. the glsl is worth it though. I’m not having that problem here. If your not using 15606, try it.

And i found a quick fix. Put anything you want to use regular blender materials (like shadow, ADD, text) on a separate layer.make sure that those objects DON’T have a material applied.activate both layers. The lighting can still effect it, causing some problems…

go here to get the latest apricot… they update at least once every two days…


they’ve also been fixing other GLSL stuff including getting the text working…


Thanks! This wil help greatly, especially the ADD integration!