APRICOT: using ramps?

Hi all… I’ve been playing with the shiny new apricot builds… and you can use ramps… which is sweet… but what want to know is … can we use them to texture objects yet? Right now they shade according to the lights etc which is still pretty amazing. Anyone now how to make them work as just textures? Maybe I’m missing something?

Excuse me because I know next to nothing about shaders but what are ramps (If this even has to do with shaders)?

you know in the materials :o the ramps
seems that you can use the materials like if you were to render something and it will works in the game engine in the apricot build

LOOOOOK :smiley: bye bye toonshading script
wre button works in BGE tough I dont remember if it worked in earlier versions
the grass is a cube with alpha enabled in the “map to” tab and Ztransp enabled

@redhand… by ramp… I meant gradient ramp… they can be used like the above pic… but then they are influenced by the light direction or the normal direction… I would like to know if I can use the UV’s to control the direction of the ramp.

a cool example of how gradient ramps can be used to colour particles giving them depth… trying to upload the file… blender won’t release any unused texture maps making the file too big…

I painted a 3d looking smoke puff… animated it’s scale and rotation… gave it a smoke texture that uses a fire to smoke coloured ramp… positioned the light… made an empty and animated its position so the smoke particles don’t overlap too much… cloned it… and you a get a very 3d looking smoke… had to play with the timing a bit.

It would look better if we could animate the alpha blending… don’t think it’s working with the new GLSL… it also doesn’t produce shadows…

download link

controls… left arrow/right arrow moves smoke from side to side
spacebar = add in smoke particles