i was wondering if or when the apricot updates were going to be added to a blender release, like…2.48 or something, cause 2.47 and the apricot release would do very well together, imo:yes:

There’s a 2.47 apricot

I don’t use the game engine in blender. Does the apricot build bring any new features for blender users who use the software for images and animation? If so is there a page so I can view to see how the apricot build compares to the standard 2.47 build.

Is the 2.47 an improvement? It says it’s not optimized. A bit cryptic to non-coding people like me. Is it a better version than 2.46, in general?

3d medieval:
#247 is a "bugfixed"246 it’s better 'cuase it has less bugs…

GLSL in your 3d viewports is of major use to all users… realtime render previews inOpen GL!

there will be an apricot build to go with the apricot dvd, but it’s been stated lots of places that there will be no new builds before 2.5… a contradiction I know,unless the apricot final version is an “unofficial” release.

Apparently there are a lot of dirty hacks in apricot so it’ll take a bunch of work to get it up to “release” standards and doing that would delay 2.5 further…

People have reported many problems.
It has new GE features.
reck, other than the game engine apricot brings visible material textures, better shading, bump maps and realtime buffer shadows (not soft unless you use many spots) and looks alot closer than the render.
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