April Fools Idea...

So I have had an April fools idea that i wanted to see if we could try.

The concept is like this. A group of people would get together and take video images of the same scene from varying different angles, with whatever mobile or video cameras that they had. Even still shots would be good. It would be a coordinated effort to all be shooting at the same time.

Then a group of blender artists working with a common image work to take all the video footage, and composite some scene over the video footage. As the video footage would be of the same stuff, their would only need to be one scene, with varying different camera angles.

As an example we could do an explosion, a flood, a metor, something collapsing… Something that didn’t actually happen. I would say look for a scene of about 5 min, with each clip ranging from 10 seconds, to about a minute.

Then when all the video footage is created for the various different images. On the following April fools day, The same group of people (or different people in the area), post the footage from the same locations where it was shot. Then we send it out to all our friends and see if we can get the internet to believe it… What does everyone think?

The key would be total secrecy about the location and the type of event. I think this would be epic.:yes:

April first was yesterday…

I know. Thank You… I was thinking about next year. This project would require some lead time for the compositing, and the CG work, but the filming should happen nowish…

its a great idea, a hoax of epic proportions. However, not many people who have the skill to create photo realistic composited animations also have enough time to do something of this scale gratis.

sounds like a cool idea man!! love to see the face on people who see it haha. i think i accualy might know a guy who has done something like this before. if i can get in contact with him maybe he might be able to help you out with this. sound good?

lightman, doesnt mean people cannot try! im sure there is some video or turtorial out there that can get people who know what they are doing a better overal idea on how to creat photo realistic composited animations. Besides this sounds like a hobbiest sort of thing, so i would imagin people who like to do this sort of thing would have the time for it. its just the matter of getting the word out and finding someone like that.