APU model?

how would i go about modeling an APU (armored personal unit) from the matrix? I’m fairly new to blender and just got used to it a bit. I want to know what I would start with…what part to model first and how i would model it. what shape would i start with? how is the best way to manipulate the shape to get it to look right. and one thing i really still need to figure out. how do you add textures to objects in blender?

k, skirting the question here, but hear me out

have you done anything in any other 3d app (3d max, maya, milkshape, anything)?

if so I would assume you are famaliar with the tools, and I would somehow have to look up what you mean by APU (mech thing?)

otherwise, I would suggest you look into the tools and get used to them, or the following will go right over your head

that said I would add a cube
subdivide once
delete half
exit edit mode
duplicate (alt+d), dont’ move it any
flip duplicate (go to front view, press s, then x, then the minus key, then 1 [not on the number pad], then enter)
select other mesh
turn off double sided in edit buttons
enter edit mode
scale to approximatly the body of it
add cubes for the legs and scale as necescary
try to keep the cubes for the limbs axis aligned so their size can be adjusted later without twisting them
once I have the basic shape down add local detail
like their gun barrels would be made of a circle spinduped to 6 circles, then extruded…
subdivide, knife cut, extrude, scale, shear, [proportinal tools aren’t useful for mechanical meshes btw] and whatnot to add more detail until you get it to a point you like. try to get the basic shape, volume, form, and scale as early as possible, and add more details later

dont also forget that textures also make a big difference when it comes to photoquality. it looks like you have alot of work on your hands!!! …