Aqsis exporter

Anyone can send me a link where I can found a good script to export animation made with BLENDER 2.4 AND PYTHON 2.4 to aqsis renderer please, and which you have already tested and run.I am trying to download blenderman 0.1 beta 9.0 c but i think the link is broken, can anyone show me a good one.

but I haven’t used it.


Thank for the link, I got it (blenderman 0.1 beta 9.0d).I know that it is very difficult to learn renderman shader,but i just need some little idea because i want to create a simple animation and render it with aqsis. Anyone can show me how to get shadows,materials,displacement and GI in aqsis?
I render a simple scene with aqsis (a cube,a plane at the bottom to see the shadow and a lamp)but i got a headeach trying to render shadow with aqsis.Can aqsis also render statics particle strand ?

Aqsis is a Reyes based renderer, purely Reyes (scanline) and has no raytracing or GI functionality, so GI is out of the question, beyond simple cheats, like shadow mapped ambient occlusion.

For similar reasons, shadows are not a simple switch in Aqsis, you need to render a shadow pass to generate the shadowmap, then use that shadowmap in your lightsource shader.

Materails in Aqsis are shaders, that is you need to have a RenderMan Shading Language shader of the material you want to apply. There are various places on the net that have downloadable RSL shaders, try Once you have the shader, you need to add it to the RIB. Unfortunately, this is all very hands on, the real place to do this is in the export script, but at the moment there are no sufficiently advanced RenderMan export facilities within Blender to support the level of control needed. All the current RenderMan export options are very simplistic.

No, Aqsis cannot render static particle strands, it has it’s own RenderMan primitive for that purpose, curves, which it is capable of easily rendering millions of, but again, there is currently no tools to generate this information from Blender for Aqsis to render.



What do you recommend blender users do to start using aqsis?