I want to use aqsis as a renderer out of blender but I don’t know where to start. I have instaled aqsis and rendered the example file but know I want to know how to make my own RIB files and implement my own shaders.
Can anyone tell me where to start?

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Hi Jedi,

Though some Blender users may be able to help you, I think your best bet is to ask these kind of questions on the AQSIS ‘Blender’ forum…

Though a little less active than Elysiun, the guy’s there are very technical, so should be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

Blend on, blend well…

it is quite tricky to use a renderman renderer with blender, as it is with any other 3d application.

a) you need a plug-in to export the blender scene to a .rib.
you are lucky: blenderman is a blender plug-in, that is doing just that.

b) you have to have some knowledge on how a renderman renderer works. in fact it is quite complex and far of the ease of use as with yafray… good place is the above mentioned link and

c) there was an attempt to integrate aqsis as a direct plug-in into blender.
it is/was in the tuhopoo project, but no further development is done as for now. the idea was to compute blender shaders into aqsis shaders.

d) there are some people who did succesfully render with the blenderman script, but as I allready said, it is far of, being as easy as hit the renderbutton and yeahh…renderman…forget it (even the most soffisticated plug-in (the mTor/artists tool for the Pixar PRman and maya) is far of being as easy as 1,2,3. It does request some deeper knowledge on how renderman shader work.

e) you can get shaderman…a tool to create renderman shaders for aqsis, 3dlight, PRman, BMRT…but you need to have the renderer fully installed and working…this tool enables you to get renderman shaders without writing shaders in SL (shading language)

f) do only consider using a renderman renderer if you are willing to learn and dig down deep into the matter. it is not easy!

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