Aqua Marine

Here’s a stylized image created and rendered in Blender 2.40 – “Aqua Marine” (not shooting for realism here – this is more of an experiment with organic form and reflection)…

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This is just fantastic

I have to agree. That looks wounderfull :D. Did you use the fluid engine? I think you used metaballs didn’t you? Well done, it looks great. I love the colours. Perhaps a 1024x768 version :smiley: ?

Looks realy cool! It doesn’t “flow”-together with the water plane though

Thanks for the feedback, guyz – really apreciate it.

Originally, I tried a meta plane to join the metaballs together with the surface so that you get more of a sense of connection as Kothe mentioned (excellent observation), but this was just a bit too much for Blender to handle – the program crashed during render. I had to set the metaball render number on the edit panel extremely low (.05) in order to get a beautiful, smooth liquid look to the balls; adding a meta plane pushed the limit of our beloved app (first time I’ve had a crash related to rendering since I started using the software). So, had to substitute with a poly plane, hence the separation of the drop effect and the base water. Applying a NOR ripple image map gives a psychological splash/surface connection, although upon closer inspection you see the disconnect. Still satisfied with the render, though, despite this limitation…

Here’s a high-res version for those interested…

WOW! I really like that pic. I have been wanting to use the fluid engine in blender 2.4, but I cant seem to download it :frowning: Do you know of any tuts on fluids? I am very interested in splashes, as I think they just look so cool. One of the nicest pics i’ve seen!

I gotta question What are you doing to create such awsome specular flares?
Ya know the white highlights with the spikey parts sticking out. It’s quite interesting and I’d love to know how you did it :smiley:
Great image too :smiley:

Thanks for the kewl words!

For those who thought I might have used the fluid engine on this, I actually hand-placed the metaballs one by one, re-sized them, and created a splash effect by eye (although the fluid engine would have probably been a lot faster!!). This image was more of an experiment than anything, so I just sat down and played…

For the star effect, I used Trapcode’s Starglow effects filter for After Effects. That gave me the perfect final touch I was looking for…


how do you do a splash effect? Do you know if there are any tutorials on that??? I wanted to make this marble fall onto a marble surface and instead of just bouncing and rolling, create a splash of liquid (marble) with ripples and stuff. BUUUUUUUT, that is my idea, and most likely I won’t be able to finish, as I think I need something other than a plane thats marbled…

Wow, thanks for the wallpaper!

Henry – you’re welcome!

Spiffy – I haven’t used the fluids in Blender yet (I’m a switchover from Maya & LightWave, where I used RealFlow in those apps…). My guess would be to use softbody dynamics in cunjunction with a particle system/fluids and dupliverts. Still have to play around in that area.

Any suggs from you other kewl Blendheads out there, or a link to an awesome tutorial?