Aqua Project W2 Chamber

Hi all,

Just started this WIP for Project Aqua.

This is the World 2 Chamber that will be featured in the game.

…and here is the original sketch

They’re not looking for ultra reaslism, more like the graphics you would see in the Final Fantasy games. I hope this is somewhat close to the style they’ve been referring to.

I know the key panell looks awful and I’m still working to make it look right among a lot of details that still need adding and changing

Feedback welcome, particularly from the rest of the Project Aqua team :wink:

damn good work. I can’t wait to see this thing textured! nice design and nice execution so far. What method did you use for the cords coming out of the console?

Now this is great, its the right feel too! Did you use the internal Blender renderer or something else such as Yafray?

I say that it looks really good like this, without going too far into detail. This’ll make things simpler and faster as well, which is a plus side.

Keep up the work, rest of the team loves it :wink:

Thanks for feedback,

Dante, for the cables I used a NURBS CIRCLE SURFACE parented to a path. Then I used Dupliframes to spread the surface mesh along the path and set the resolutions.

I then make Dupliframes real, CTRL+SHIFT+A, Join all surfaces with CTRL+J, then go into edit mode, select all and press the F key.

Finally, I press ALT+C to convert the finished cable into a nice clean mesh.


Pixel Sage,

No Yafray here. Pure Blender :wink: The image above only takes 4.45 Seconds to render, and that’s with full 16x OSA!

I would like to share some of my ideas for this WIP, let me know what you think :wink:

You’ve probably noticed the green card key insterted at the bottom of the console, I added this as I thought it could store certain information unique to an individual. It would also be required to grant acces to the chamber.

To give it the chamber feel, I’ve decided to have it open from the side much like a door, as opposed to the gull effect opening from the top.

Anyway, I should have some time to work on this more over the weekend but I might also participate in the Weekend Challange, depending on the topic :wink:

Wow! Really nice work.

Now, is there going to be a person inside the tube, or something else. The reason I am asking is that the buttons on the pad look too large, scale wise, if a human figure is to be in the tube.

The rest is great.


I agree, the buttons are definitely too large. Although they won’t be as small as keys on a traditional keyboard as each key will hold a preset function as opposed to individual letters/numbers etc, I wil defintly be working to scale them down, the key card will also need to be scaled down.

I don’t think I’ll be personally modelling any character(s) as my contributions to the project are more to do with Mechanical structures, vehicles etc…

Besides that, character modelling is not one of my strong points.

is this gonna be only texture or also with normal mapping and glossy mapping?

I’ve passed this idea to Tim Lehnen, we’ll let you know when he comes with a response (he’s at work at the moment). The idea sounds good to me.

As for character modeling, I’ve picked up a potential character artist who may do that for us when he has the time to do so. You may know him on the forums, LohnC. He’s highly interested in helping out, though as a member of project Orange, he will be unavailable from September (or earlier) til March.

Fonix, Solocreator, LohnC, and Blenergetic. Great team we have, huh guys?

EDIT: Oh, and its great this renders so quickly!

EDIT2: Tim Lehnen has just registered and posted a reply beneath me =D

Hey all,

I decided to register here so I could comment a bit on Solocreator’s work. I’m the creative director for Project Aqua.

I definitely like the chamber, it’s looking great so far.

I agree that the scale issue needs to be resolved a bit, proportions are fairly important.

I also do like the keycard input, that will jibe nicely with the background behind this device.

I would like to see some sort of update to the visual interest of this thing. Some interesting texturing might do it, or perhaps some sort of unusual looking feature?

Not quite sure what I’m looking for just brain storming at the moment…

Maybe a very subtle frosted glass sort of a texture on the face plate would do it. As if someone’s breath had fogged up the chamber.

Definitely a subtle detail, but it’d give it some exciting visual interest.

Nice job.

Hi Tim,

I’ve added a texture to the actuall tube section of the chamber, tell me what you think.

I’ve also fixed (hopefully :-? ) the scaling issue. To me, things look more to scale now.

Unnusual looking feature? This got me thinking, maybe each chamber would require it’s own independent power supply or a particular substance to function…or maybe even cold fusion.

To complement the “Aqua” theme, the technology could use Cold-Fusion as a source of power. Generators that extract the 2 elements of Hydrogen from water to use as a fuel. Such engines do exist today and are probably going to be the way of the future. This requirement or source of energy would me introduced by a cannister as seen in the render below.

Just a suggestion. Let me know what you think and please do throw some more ideas at this for me to work on :wink:

PS: Welcome to elysiun 8)

EDIT: Almost missed Odjin’s post :-?

Most of the texturing will be using Blender’s procedural textures, and that’s more for bump mapping. Too much texturing will take away the anime feel that I think the Aqua team are looking for.

This is all looking great! I have a few things on my mind though.

How would it look with clear glass, untextured? Also, I think the inside should have maybe some sort of black padding for Tijon to lay on.

This looks nearly complete to me, I’m not sure how much more you’re going to add to it/mod. So Tim, what do you think should be done after this chamber is complete?

(Of course, we’re allowing Solocreator to work this into his schedule whenever he has the time)

I like the chamber…

If you can think of some few details to pump up the visual excitement a little bit that could be awesome, but I like it very much as it is.

I think the next thing that would be awesome is another version of our observatory/lab chamber.

Heh, I know this one has been a point of contention but here’s my idea…

My thought was that the chamber would be a departure from the rest of the ship and the heavy tech cyberhuman visual culture in general.

I think a glass globe framed by organic steel forms would look absolutely stunning. I only have an impression of it in mind but that’s the best description I can think of.

The idea being that the chamber starts off netstled inside the ship with cables and/or other really heavy tech type stuff showing through the glass… the simplicity of the structure will be hidden…

As it is moved out of the ship however, it will resolve into this sort of tranquil almost awe inspiring form. When stars are visible through it on every side and sort of drifts in space the beauty of its simple organic form should be evident. In a lot of ways it’ll be represented of Isaac’s departure from the other cyberhumans…

Heh, I’m sure my vague emotional descriptions are less than helpful, but that’s the feel I’m looking for.

I’ll see if I can get you some more guidance.

I’ve tried having clear glass but it just doesn’t look right. Maybe after I’ve modelled the inside of the chamber, I’ll see how it looks then. It’s just to me the word “Chamber” refers to something verly enclosed, without glass but…we’ll see :wink:

I’ll definitely be adding some cosy interior for the chamber :wink:

I’m still planning to add that extra cabling featured in the original sketch and after that, just a few details here and there I guess.

EDIT: lol, iRobot, you posted your response as I was writing the response to Pixel Sage.

I know how frustrating it can be having a vision but not always being able to get that vision across to others. What would really help though would be some more sketches, not only of the Chamber and lab but also how they work. What does what etc…

Design is afterall often orientated around functionality.

I’ve had a sudden interesting thought about the chamber…

What if we were to put in a really unusual visual detail…

Under the glass chamber a large nearly torso covering mask… something that looks almost archaic, a contrast to the purely technical details of the rest of it.

I think that might be hot.