Aquapark - climbing stairs / sliding tobbogan problems

Hi (sorry for my basic english)

i hope your help plz

i made an aquatic park to do a virtual visit in it, but i have some problem with the bge about climbing and sliding (toboggan).

i put an image of the park actually and a blend to summary my problem (+image)

(i use a python script to have the vue of the mouse call “”
i hope its the same in english).Its for the looking of the camera
python script is here (french forum) in the first post)


Here is my problems

i use servo control for movement

****The “CubeVue” can climb the grey plan (stairs) - that ok

but if i stop to push the up button it slide down (1st problem), i would that if i stop the cube stay at his place and dont go back.

i try to change friction of the plan but it dont climb at the beginning of the plan

*****when i go to slide in the toboggan (orange model) the cube slide it very very too fast -

can’t appreciate the “fun of the sliding” - friction doesn’t work anymore. (second problem)

i have try a lot of various adjusting but i dont find the good one.

hope your help to find (fix) this problem and i could finish my work for this aquapark because actually im sad i cant finish it cause this problem

thank if u have time to help me.



toboggan.blend (241 KB)

here’s an idea with the stairs.make an IPO curve for the climbing,use logic bricks to advance frames in the IPO as long as forward key is pressed and the player touches the stairs


thank zachcalhoun for your answer, but this solutionseem to be to much conditionning
actually the CubeCamera can climb but if i dont always push the button it slide back.
(and friction dont seem operating)

any other idea?

i wait your feedback plz