Well, i started this aquarium little bit sooner, but I realised just today, that how unrealistic the stones and plants were, so I deleted them. I dont know how to continue, maybe i will follow some interesting tutorials on stones and plants, i will experiment with water, make filter, lamp, fish food finally the hardest part for me. Fish. I can barely imagine the final look of the final stage, but iam trying to get realistic look and I “copy” from my real life aquarium and table.

yeah you definetly need to work on your materials :slight_smile:
i can only guess you use cycles?

try learning how to mix shaders in the compositor, and play with the diffuse/glossy shaders…
also give the tank a basic room (or just a wall) to sit against and maybe a HDRI enviroment texture?

Well, nodes and mixing of shaders are known to me and I use them always, but it seems that it looks the same as i would use normal shaders. Iam working on the aquarium alone, because of the horrible render times. But this is the scene where it will be.

@cergina, the setting is looking very nice. There is a older Work in Progress titled ‘Sea Falcon’ that you might appreciate. I simply typed falcon into the search box at the top of the page here. Start on page 5 where minoribus starts dealing with being in the ocean.

Of course your aquarium won’t need everything he used since he was actually in the water. But, the way he faked volumetric light might be of some use to you. Anyway once again your scene is looking very nice in my opinion. Why not use box rendering for when you are working. Shift - B has become a friend of mine.