Our entry for CGTALK’s CG Challenge short . Honorary Mention :)))))

software: Blender (rendering, modelling, shaders), Maya (animation), After Effects (compositing), Photoshop (textures)

Great animation…however why did you use MAYA for the animation? Any special reason?

Michal - animator prefer maya, that is the reason

I really like the rendering and texturing. the animation of the characters seems a bit static to me. i think he could play more with their whole bodies around the screen

well that’s obvious !

My question is if is there any technical reason to go for modeling in Blender and animation in Maya? If he takes this path I assumed he has tried both in both packages making him prefer Blender for modeling and Maya for animation…can you point out some of your reasons?

piotrekkosmala, great job! This forum is full of critics, instead of looking for what they like about your short, they only focus on the problems. Fantastic work, the pace was good, characters well designed and modeled, “Finding Nemo”, Pixar…eat your heart out!

well, i think it is a discusion with Michal

I use blender because i like it … since 2003 (Blender 2.33 with my splash screen, our first short from 2005 - The Trap, Easter Short for Expresso, a lot of tv/cinema adverts…)

Oh ! I thought you were the one making this animation…OK

I saw this a few weeks ago on CGSociety, but forgot to leave a comment… Thanks for reminding me
It was my favorite entry by far