While I look for a free host to host my Boggy animation I am making this aswell:

Brief background and info:

The year is 2430. Ninty years had passed since the great flood. Current population - unknown. Eighty-six percet of surface had disapeared under great ocean and all what’s left is being used for a space program to evacuate what’s left of humanity. Unknown diseases had swept most of the population. Different factions wage wars against each other for what’s left of land to get off Earth first. Some research aquatic programs in order to build huge colonies under ocean. One faction has been sucessful in doing so… at a price. New and unknown species of aquatic animals had appeared and terrorize the colonies. Some say they were frozen in the ice and after the global warming they got free… no one knows. All that’s known is that humanity is in chaos.

This, here, is a small one-person aquatic shuttle, used to search under-water cities for metal and other usefull objects. It is designed so that water is being broken up into oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen is being used to fuel the shuttle and further continue the process of braking up, and oxygen is being used to keep the person inside it alive. Its design allows it to be very fast, though, not fast enough for the new specie. The guns had not been installed yet, for the sake of speed. Previously the model with guns has been tested and wasn’t sucessul.

For now here’s the main thing, I’ll add details soon:

C&C Please!


real nice! and very good backstory!

The design of it is really good. I can’t see anything bad in it

Maybe you could add in some mechanic"gills" (is that the word?) to make it even looks more aquatic and to keep in the “feel” of mechanic fish hehe.

Good luck on your project! :smiley:

That’s a very original take on what would happen in the case of a world flood. Kudos on the story man!

Keep working on that model, add some detail. Right now it looks like a mis-shapen dolphin at an odd angle.

looks like a dolphin to me. Add more reference details, just something basic like a prop (screw) or glass cockpit.

Yeah, hehe, it was just a begining. I just couldn’t wait to post :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, here’s V2:

Notice the horrible light from headlights… how can I make it better?

Oh and, I am not sure if I’ll add stuff like screws and stuff, but I will make it look like a machine. I will add some nice tubes maybe. I will not add screws because if it’ll have things like that sticking out it’ll slow it down, and it’ll be eaten by the mean mean monstries… :expressionless:

And I plan on making one of those monsters… hopefully… O.o

Thanks for comments guys, and be hard, be very very harsh on me! :slight_smile:

Here’s the technical view of the model:

C&C Please!


Any comments? I am kind of stuck and have no idea what to add. I would add some kind of guns but I don’t know if it would ruin it… any ideas anyone? Or should I just texture it?


If you want to add guns, I would say the best place is to put two guns to the sides of the main fin on the top and have them point towards the front.

I am not going to tell you whether you should or not, because these decisions are best left up to the modeller.

I also think it would look good with maybe some faded lights or detail behind the “face”. It looks kind of bland, but maybe I was jumping the gun, you might have done that in texturing.

Good job so far.

MusicMan: Thanks for sugesstions. I’ve tried making the front “window” look better and here’s what I came up with. It’s rally hard to see what’s behind the “window”, though I’ll improve that in the future as soon as I’ll add details. The major problem with this is that when I add lamps inside vehile behind the glass, most of the model becomes lighter, and it really messes up things. So I added few very weak lamps inside.

I’ve also tried to change the headlights and make them look more realistc… don’t know if that worked out.

Here’s a small update:

C&C Please!


I wouldn’t put guns on a scout, it looks pretty finished to me.
start texturing is my advise.


This is exactly what I’m afraid of… I’m afraid of it being finished and having to start texturing… I know my textures will mess it up… lol :-?


And I understand the feeling oh so well. You’re model is simply awesome : simple and so kwel.

Three thumbs up :slight_smile:

You could try layer-only lamps for the interior, etc… & separating the cockpit area from the rest of the model and moving those parts to a diff layer. If you group things, it shouldn’t be too complex of a setup even if you decide on animating. The headlights look much better now, but you might try giving them a cloud texture or similar to make it seem like they’re shining through a specific volume - water in this case.

Off-topic: Has anyone noticed that turning on Halo on a spot lamp with ray shadows is quite… ugly compared to the effect that you get with buffer shadows? I don’t quite understand why & would enjoy being enlightened. :-?

LocoNeko: Thanks for the good comments! :stuck_out_tongue:

crsrma: You’re a genius, why didn’t I think of that before… lol Thanks man!
One thing though. I’ve tried applying clouds texture to the spot lights and it didn’t do anything, how do I do it then?

And I haven’t really looked at difference in ray shadowing and buff shadowing… so can’t comment on that yet, but each options is probably has it’s own use.


I haven’t really experimented with texture lamps much, I think a texture may only work as a projection actually. So it would only be obvious if it were casting on another object. Sorry for the bad info there, but I thought it may have worked with the volumetric properties of the halo setting.

Here’s a good explanation of how to get a similar effect with a mesh instead of an actual lamp. I’m not certain if that’s what you were doing originally for the headlights, but thought I’d point this out just in case.

Hmm, I might try it with mesh, thanks.

By the way, umm, does anyone know how to unwrap mesh in Blender for UV texturing without spending hours cleaning it up? When I unwrap mine it’s a mess…


Okay, umm. I will not continue this and I’ll call it a done project. I mean, it helped me become better, so it’s a good project. I will not conitnue because my mesh is a mess… and after trying to UV Map it… oh boy, was that a joy (sarcasm), I can even post screenshots of mesh if someone really wants to see it. But it’s nothing special, just one messy mesh. So… Thanks to everyone for their help with getting me so far. Heck… few months ago I was only looking at other’s works and dreamed of making something good and now I made this… In the next porject I’ll be more accurate wtih mesh and we’ll see if I’ll texture that one.

Alrighty, thanks to everyone.

~Blade :wink: