Aquila - Frigate inspired ship

Hi, there. Been working on this from 6th May, but this week was really slow, because of school so nothing really new appeared on the model. It has 68000 verticles and its rendered with cycles.I dont know if i made good, that anchor falling, cannon shooting, covering loopholes, pump,… everything is made with shape keys.My main goal for this model is to make ship that I would like to sail on in history.


pretty cool, man. I don’t understand what you mean by making it with shape keys though. do you mean you weighted your keys and brushed in the keyed shapes / surfaces with weight paint?

Seems that i cant describe that with words, so i take my friend Printscreen to tell you :slight_smile: Glad you liked that, but still not half of the work finished.

Again some progress, any suggestions welcomed. :slight_smile:


thanks for the explanation. It’s looking really nice.

It has been a bit hard to work on that ship, so far but now it is even more complicated. I dont know what to put there. I designed my own flag in MS Paint :slight_smile: and then finished in gimp. Iam interested in every advice given, i would be thankful for that. :slight_smile: Yohoo !

You have to improve the lightining! It’s too dark and flat :confused:

Thanks, but i barely know how… you think that normal planes with emission are enough?

Try different sizes of plane in different locations with different emission values. It takes a lot of experimenting…I’m still figuring it all out :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the detail on the deck, lovely work

Try hdr lighting.

Really really thank you!! All of you!! But mainly Starwars for that link. Thanks to that i finally realised that there are two types of multiply (one color and the other one in math- for lighting) Thank you. :smiley: :cool: :smiley:


My favourite one :evilgrin:

Thanks to one advice I followed tutorial how to create a beach : .
What a shame that my Blender doesnt seem to work good with Wet effect on beach Canvas/Brush - it is not working for me… Then i had to give it 3000 samples to let it be without any noise in. The other two pictures are on 200 samples.

great scenes. and the brighter renders are much better. one thing I would suggest is trying a cloth modifier and a force field on the sails to give them a more random look.