ar game problem

hi, im make car game in blender to share you base file template, ive used frx_race.blend present on blenderartist by an other creator, but ive problem the code python not full fonctionnly over version 2.61 blender.

the car in version 2.62 to 2.7 turn not in the good axis.

when im turn the car turn on the axis center body and not turn on the wheel:


how to fix the problem thank you

help me please, because ive not found, ive chang weight, mass, gravity, wheel config but nothing, and im not arrive to fix to 1 years.

the file demo, base:

Can you strip it down to the bare essentials to another blend?
Maybe reduce the code also for bare minimum?
That would speed up the process.

sorry i dont know just the problem is when im turn and im not programmer python, im just artist lol, but i know little code im would like know how is problem of the blend

no idea of the problem?

It’s very hard to figure that out with such a large file. Especially because this doesn’t make use of the VehicleWrapper.

Edit: However, I heard somewhere that Matrices have changed not so long a ago, so maybe that’s the problem. Maybe someone else could tell you something about this.

can you share your blend file? maybe i can try to fix it but i have to see the problem with my own eyes

yes if the matrix it’s modifed it’s possible, ive tested change config in python and mass and other the car chang postion but the rotation not work, the wheel turn, the car accelerate and other but the rotation of body when im turn wheel it’s not work in the good sens, os why not it’s possible.


this is not a solution, but it’s another template.

physics based car. 6d0f

thank you ive look but im dont think is good because not really work but im think the system find the solution of matrix, if is possible to resolve the file ive sended, it’s good because im want to share game car finish, ive car model ive map i work on the other effect to more reallity.

no update, to solve the problem?