AR15 High Poly

I’m burnt out on this project so I’m not going to take it through low poly and texturing.


gorgeous model daffy! can you share the wireframe in optimal display?

the high poly wasn’t modeled with sub-d but heres the wireframe

Jesus that topology!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you fool me, i thought that was surfsub. tho how you managed to use the sculpt brushes like that? edit: i think now i get know why you said “i am burnt out with this” LOL…

I didn’t use any sculpting. I used the technique described in this thread but instead of zbrush and max i used blenders booleans with 2.83 remesh modifier.

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mmmm can you possibly do a little tutorial? i doubt remesh modifier can really preserve the edges very well like this (it almost looks like surf sub)…