Aragon | New High Fantasy Animated Series

(I’m dedicating some of my time on this project, since it’s a pretty big one compared to my other projects/WIPs.)

Hello. So, after I’ve begun writing a style of high fantasy in the Legend of Spyro on, I’ve been deep in my thoughts about creating a series about its main human protagonist (Aragon). The protagonist is also in a book trilogy I’m planning at the moment, with different personalities, of course.

The animated version of Aragon is also going to be different from my fan fiction and original projects. The reason for why I’m making this, is because I’ve been reading The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire, and will soon be reading The Stormlight Archives, all of which are in the epic fantasy genre (probably my most favourite genre outside of adventure-action).

I’ve begun brainstorming my animated series project, with the first episode’s script to be written in the coming days in my quarantine weeks. Keep in mind, the series will be taking me a long time to create, but as I gain experience with medieval fantasy models, I’ll be able to work on it faster and more effective.

Along with the books I’ve begun writing and reading, I’m making this an original project set in my own fantasy world, High-Earth. So, if you find something that might look similar to Lord of the Rings, then it’s by a mistake if my models may look like those characters in similarities.

If you would like to know more of the project, it’ll come in time as progress is being made on the first episode in season one.

Season One Total Completion: 0%

That’s it for now. I hope you’ll have a good day, everyone!

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Wow, this is a seriously ambitious project. Do you have a team, including actors. or are you planning on completing this entire thing as a solo work? Looking forward to hopefully seeing this progress.

I’m planning to have a small team of people to assist me in the project. I’ll be doing most of the work on episode one solo, to gain experience with Blender than what my other attempts of doing projects in the software had been.

I’m also going to be getting the voice actors to help voicing the characters. At least ten actors will be needed for the acting roles in the first episode.

For the team, there’ll be one or two sculptors who makes the characters, a musician for the soundtrack, and a storyboard artist for the boards once the scripts are finished. I’m going to be doing a couple of things, such as assets and buildings, myself.

It’s a dream of mine to complete it, and I hope I fulfill this dream well into the future of Blender and my own life. And I also hope you’ll stick around until then.

Well best of luck!

You said to gain experience in Blender, what other packages have you used previously, and do you mind me asking how much 3D experience you have in general? Also, what’s your budget?

Don’t mean to knock your enthusiasm or confidence buddy, but you’re basically talking about an entire studio pipeline here, and without serious finances it would be extremely difficult to complete this even for a professional working in the 3D industry.

This is all for fun. I, by no means, have any budget. It’s all for volunteering, and to enjoy making this with other people that has the same interest.

And, I’ve used none of the other softwares (Blender is, so far, the only one I’ve been using in four months). I started to learn the software in November, 2019. It was a recommendation by someone I know who taught me it in school.

Also, this is going to YouTube, not a TV cable or other networks. I’m not an industrial professional to do that kind of thing.

My project is for entertainment, for eveyone in the project to have an interest in something to be working on for a long-term animation.

I hope that I got you to understand my project, my friend.

Update: I’ve begun the writing stage of the script to Episode One. Once that’s done, I’ll be looking for someone to make a storyboard for the visual idea of the episode.

I’m currently uncertain about the page length of the script, but that’s the least of my worries until it is completed. For now, I’m just going to write it on the pages before anything else is determined.

And, that’s all I have to you all. Enjoy your day!