Aral - mmorpg


So your wondering what is this…what is aral…Aral is a project i have been working on…it is an mmopg…

I created and customized with my team…the game engine and the music department of my team has the music…storyline is pretty much done…

But now i need 3D modelers… we had one but he was all talk…he didnt know how to do anythng!!

so we need 3 modellers to join our team, no none of us are being payed this is our hobby to make a game!

we need 3d modellers that can make very human like, realistic characters…we try to use the least amount of polys to get work done…so it wont create lag in our game engine!

we prefer that person use 3d studio max or have an expoter to 3d max (mandatory to have plugin to convert to .3ds)

we need modelers…

one who can do scenery, characters and weapons

otherwise we are filled…note we have 8 on team…all other spots filled

unless you want animation…which we have 2 covering…1 more wouldnt be bad

webiste is under construction:

Personally I think it’s better to make some information available about the project itself before someone joins it. What kind of mmorpg is it, what theme, concept art, story, ideas, brainstorm stuff, inspiration, characters where you guys think of, what kind of application to use, which game engine.

It’s a little bit vague, just put more stuff online, more to inform the people before they actually want to join.
When they make a movie in real life, they always make first a script, concept art and ideas before they can even start forming a team. I think this is a part that you’re missing.

Sure I can model, program or draw textures, but I never start before I have a good idea what I want to create.
Anyways, succes. :slight_smile:

THIS IS AWESOME. I joined up as scenery and the game is cool and so is the site. GOOD GAME GOOD TIMES. definitly join

o.k. pm me ur email and work that you did

by the way new website is

its under construction so its not complete…

need 2 more 3d modelers and we need 2 moderators who we can trust

concept sketches? story? anything?

/me keeps his wurm-based python+soya+tempeh mmorpg to himself atm :stuck_out_tongue:

eQuilibrium, is that you?

Now eQuilibrium, do you have a brother or sister who joined the Elysiun forum or did you created a user to act if someone has joined your project?
I’m not totally stupid, but ad moderator I can see the Ip’s where people reply from, and the ip of The Z and you are exactly the same.

Did you know this is an illegal situation, except if it’s your brother, sister or someone else in your family?

confirms my suspicions… but still, give people info and they may be interested.

eQuilibrium, not to be rude or negative, but you really need to post screens/concept art/code/something from your game if you want people to join, like JD-multi said.

There seems to be a never-ending amount of young kids who logged off of the “MMORPG of the moment”, and then start thinking, “Hey, that was awesome, but I want to create my own!” I’m not bashing you, but there are a lot of young (I’m assuming you are 12-16 years old, but I could be wrong: no offence, this is just what I’ve gathered from MMO teams around the .net) kids that are trying to create an mmo, but just end up giving up after about 1 week to a few months. MMO’s need talent, time, and money. If you are in short supply of any of those, you won’t finish your project.

People won’t just join up because you posted here. They want to see some work that has already been done. Make some work, even if it’s not too great, and the chances of someone joining will be a lot higher.

Now you’re talking about music and game engines and such, now just post some stuff!

Anyway, back on topic:
Sorry I can’t work on your MMO, I’m actually creating a 2d game engine right now. I hope to finish it and have something to show. I hope the same for you. But remember: there are a multitude of game teams, try to be one of the few to actually finish your game!
I wish you much luck, eQuilibrium!

Oh by the way:
I hope that The Z is one of your family/friends. If it was you, I think that was very immature.

And Arr Matey!!: I love your signature :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to try put a damper on your project, but something most amateur groups trying to make an MMORPG don’t consider is running costs. You can’t run a game like that from a standard home computer.

From what info I can gather a typical server hosting 500-1000 players will set you back around $3000/Month. Then you have the cost of the ultra-high bandwidth connections on top of that.

You’ll need highly efficient netcode to handle all the data running between the players and the server. This is something even the professional companies struggle with sometimes.

I’d say at least once a month we get someone with big ideas for a new MMORPG turning up here. They’re usually never heard from again, because those games aren’t like normal games. They require an endless stream of money to keep going, not to mention a large lump sum to start off with (often $millions for professional ones).

Show you’re a serious team with amazing abilities and a good source of funding, then people may offer to help. I’ve yet to see a single team carry their ideas through to implementation though. These projects will usually fizzle out within months because the team doesn’t grasp the scope of what they’re trying to create…

yea, ST150 has some good points eQuilibrium…an MMORPG is pretty much impossible for a small team to create…dont let that damper your spirits though, you could still make an amazing normal RPG with a small team…just be aware of whats possilble in reality for a small team…dream big! but dont be unrealistic…doing so will only lead to dissapointment and failure…and thats exactly the path all of us are trying to keep you from going down with our advice. :slight_smile: so dont take it too personally…

I’ll help tell me what to make

I personally would start out by making a small scale multiplayer game, say 50 players max and test out peoples reactions, if lots of people want to play, scale up, butif it is a dud game, you won’t have wasted lots of time and effort into making network code that will be unused. Unless you want to make a reusable network engine to release or something.

eQuilibrium claims to be 20, but from the conversations I’ve had with him i’d put his age at about 12. :expressionless:

eQuilibrium: No i’m not “flaming” you, im just stating my honest opinion.


im used to your arrogance, gorgan and others…dont reply if your not going to help flamers…gorgan you seem 3 in your childish arguments…by the way lord of z or “the z” is admin at my site now…why would i go make a fake admin account??
im not replying to anyones threats…

i dont have a modeller !!!

without a modeller i cant make screenshots!!!

i just recruited another…so i have a scenery modeller and a character modeller

need at least 3 more modellers who are good with character modelling and or weapon modellers…

Hey eQuilibrium,

Maybe I can help…Just not full time. Maybe I’ll just model some stuff and texture it and post it in your forums? Is that okay? I would like to help in a 3d game like this.

By the way:

i dont have a modeller !!!

without a modeller i cant make screenshots!!!

Check out how this person did it:
He just posted a bit of programmer art. But a lot of people seem to be interested, because he had something to show. No offence, but without anything to show, we don’t know if you’re serious about this (don’t take this the wrong way). But even if you can post anything, we know that you’re working on it, and you will surely get much more people to join and work regularly, if you post something at all!

Even just a few circles running around! (I know I always use circles for test characters…Hehe)

im used to your arrogance, gorgan and others…

I think that everyone who posted gave you an honest and true opinion, even if you found it rude at some points. Maybe these posts were a little off-topic, since you were asking for modellers, but that is to be expected.

We’re just trying to help you…I think that most people who posted have a valuable opinion to share. Remember: There are many lurkers around here. Perhaps one of them will happen to use the search feature and look up something about developing a massivley online game. Then, they would be able to see this thread and maybe learn something from it.

Well anyway, I hope you can get somewhere with this, I’ll try to give you some stuff that I make in my free time.

I’m sorry eQuilibrium, I was just havin a rather hard day at work yesterday.

If you look through the forum you’ll see that this kind of topic is getting rather wearing, theres always people looking for modellers / animators / programmers to join a design team. But then then you never hear of the design team again. Thats another reason some people may find this kind of topic a bit irritating, it’s not your fault.

Many of us are already in design teams. My team for example (Gorgan Studios) consists of me and 4 other people I know in real life. But I’m the only modeller / animator / programmer in the group, the rest are all story scripters, pen’n’pencil artists etc. We’ve got a brilliant storyline for our main project (which I wrote) but not enough technically skilled people to make it happen at the moment. :frowning:

Keith. 8)

no problem gorgan

bacon or anyone become a member if you want to join wth ur name here…and if i know you i make yo moderator…


need to see sample work

dont mean to keep straying off-topic with my posts…its something I very rarely do…I just feel the situation with “The Z” needs to be clarified…

eQuilibrium: JD-multi is a moderator of the forums, so he can check every users IP address…he noticed that the IP address of you and “The Z” are EXACTLY the same…therefore this means that either one: you infact DID make another user account with which you used to pose as someone your not…or two: “The Z” was using your computer when he posted his comment…

atleast thats what I think JD-multi was trying to suggest himself…(please correct me if im wrong JD! :wink: )

dont get me wrong eQuilibrium, I really do wish you nothing but good fortune when it comes to your project…and even though it would be MUCH harder to make and sustain an MMORPG as opposed to any other non-MM game, it is possible…I suppose…

I just think this “The Z” situation needs to be clarified by the admins/moderators and taken care of…because if you did create that user yourself and you posed to be someone your not, that would be extremely immature at best…and frankly, if that indeed is the fact, than I dont think we need someone willing to stoop so low just to create hype for there project to have any part in this community…sorry if that comes off as being harsh or you think im being an asshole…im just being frank…if the Z is you eQ, than you should either erase him and we’ll all forget you ever did that and you can learn from your mistakes, or you can take yourself elsewhere…if the Z in fact IS NOT you, and he/she was just using your computer at the time, then please atleast tell us your side of the story…is he/she your sibling, friend from school, etc.? If the Z and you are not the same, than I have absolutely no hard feelings towards you on that matter, please keep that in mind…Basically, I think all of us would very much just like some clarification on your part…so, was “the Z” just using your computer at the time, or did you just make him up? :expressionless: