Hi this is my newest project. I call it… er… mm… Arapethipus :smiley: This is my first “organic” model. I made it face by face. What do you think?

then I tried sculpting:

and then I thought maybe add some textures bib :smiley:

Now he looks like he fell into chocolate so I need good UV-mapping- Tutorials (because all I found were Tuts where a box or a sphere was textured but never a more complicated mesh). Well I set the seam where the mirror modifier “slices” the model then I unwrapped it but the whole mesh was distorted so I thougth I divide Head, chest, legs etc, but then I realized that it will be very hard to connect them. So finally I mapped a procedural tex and tried vertex paint (which didn 't work as I wanted aswell - Maybe some tuts here would be great too)