Ara's Tale - Movie Poster

As my short film project Ara’s Tale is nearing completion, I want to share the actual movie poster for the film here in the finished projects section.

The poster was done using highres renders from actual shots from the movie (all done in blender 2.49/2.60a, internal render) and comped using gimp.

See my sig for more information on the WIP and the movie itself.

wow, that is awesome. The cave is creepy. I think its a cave, it has dragon teeth. Very professional. Do you have an IMDB page?

Hey, thanks daren.

The intention here is to portray the feeling of a cave like darkness, so yes you are right with this. And about the imdb entry: no not yet, but I am working on it :slight_smile:

I did it here, its a pain (lot’s of questions) but I don’t think it costs anything

Very nice! Well done. Can’t wait to see it.

Very nice. However, since there are so few people, I wouldn’t recommend using the same format for people’s names at the bottom. It looks kind of void-ish.

Great poster!
Very cold and mysterious.

Excellent work! Very professional.

Thanks a lot for the remarks.

Thanks for the link. This looks interesting.

I think I do not quite understand what you mean by ‘same’ format :). Could you please elaborate a bit more ?

Thanks for showing. Great looking scene.
This is a nice character. I like this one on your blog.