arbitrary animation in a spezified space

Does the possibility exists, to create an area ( a box or something) in which an object has to move of its own without creating an animation manually?



Yes, there’s bound to be dozens. The thing you need to establish, is how do you want it to move? For example, you could just set up a physical simulation and let something bounce around inside the box for a little while, or you could apply any number of different types of motion through the use of python code.

There’s examples of the flocking(swarm of birds) algorithm around the place I think, there’s bound to be a scientific paper or a video somewhere that describes the motion of any particular insect - you could program a movement script from either. Then there’s pretty much any other type of motion you care to think of. I suppose there’d be some code for it out there somewhere…

thank you, wow, it sounds really difficult :slight_smile:
Think the thing with phyton and scripts would take me to much time to come clear with it. :slight_smile:
My task or better my idea is to let a simple water molecule move around another molecule for an uncertain time. first i did it with a water molecule and animated several keyframes and made them cyclic, hm but i would find it better when the movement would be uncertain.
So i imagined to make somehow a box around the main molecule and in this box the water should bounce as you call it or move or something else for a while.

if this would somehow work it would be wonderful if there is the possibility that the water will not crash against or move through this main molecule in the middle of the bouncing box.

maybe i upload a .blend when i have time to.

thanks a lot and for further answers i would be glad.
greets GKD

Not sure if this is anything like what you’ve got in mind, but it might give you some ideas:

Well if i understand it right you have the tw little cubes in the gibber cube emittet from this empty and you have to animate this empty to stear the inner cubes?
Maybe the word bouncing is a little confusing well it shuld nly be a free mving in a given area, no animation no nthing only a big room and for esample tw cubes in it and the move in the whole room automaticly