ARC MODELING HELP? (sorry if this is noobish)

I’m trying to model an arc like the on below in 3-d, but when i use bezier curves i cant make them solid by pressing F and i can’t do it in poly mode, so what can I do to acheive the results i’m looking for?


Try make a plane (K Key) multicut it up, turn on proportional editing (O Key) & move (G Key) the center face (use your scrollwheel or PgUp/PgDn to ajust the falloff) up & to the right (might need a lil bit more teaking to get the shape just right) and there you go.

Or you could just convert your bezier curve to a mesh (Alt+C).

I think i’m gonna try Alt+C and see if that will do, thanks.

For a Bezier you could set a value in either/both of Extrude and Bevel Depth in the Curve and Surface tab in F9.


Try starting with the top half of a circle, extrude once then scale on the normals (Alt-S). Then you can scale and restrict it to a certain axis to achieve a widening effect. (S for scale and either X Y or Z to restrict to an axis)

Hope this helped. PM me if you need an illustration.