Arcade machine (Virtua Cop2)

This is a little project I did yesterday and was quite happy with it. It is for the 3d Total speed modeling challenge 040 I modeled it all in blender, in 87 minutes:evilgrin:. Then I brought it over to XSI for textures and a quick render.:o

I am rather happy with the result. I proclaim it finished as I don’t have to much time to play these days. You know how it is… 2 babies:eyebrowlift:, work, things around the house.:spin::spin::spin:
If you have any comments please feel free to say anything

Here is another of the same theme, just a little more fun.


Very nice. Especially the 2nd one…

Good modeling!
You should get some better textures though.
They’re all blurry.

Saw this over at the Threedy forums – I think the first one is keen! You’ve inspired me to go dig out the old Saturn and play a round or two. Could we see a closer wireframe shot of the coin panel?

I can’t see the second one, the first one looks very good though.

Very Interesting… I like the modeling, Style definitely looks like something you would see on adultswim or Aqua teen hunger force lol thumbs up on style!

I think the hands could be improved though. It kinda gives me the impression those where the last things you modeled at about the same time you were losing your momentum in your work. The tongue gives me this unsettling feeling though that it’s after a little more than just the money in your pants…You should try some test renders with blender internal and compare as I really don’t think XSI has done you any favors. Just another reason why blender kicks ass.

But overall, very cool, It reminds me of the good ol’ days when games where games and not just a turd smeared with shinny environment map reflective polish.

Neat! You should make a arcade sim game where you have a certain amount of credits and you can play arcade games within a game…
I agree though, the textures are a bit low-res. Other than that, the modeling is great.