Arcade Rally - Game in progress

Arcade rally is my second game.
Currently for download is only physics car because i don’t have a textures.

Cursors: driving
SPACE: Hand-brake

Where is the download link on that site? I tried nearly every button.
Opera 9.23

I’ don’t want to be mean but it’s look like erwin demo …

small update:
add menu, new car (1), trening track.

I’ don’t want to be mean but it’s look like erwin demo …
what is erwin demo

excellent speedometer
good works with the sound effect
go go go…

I’ don’t want to be mean but it’s look like erwin demo …

What? How could you, you mean nasty person? Erwin demo is either the demo you took the car from, or the demo you adapted to suit your needs. You should give some of the credit to Erwin who made the demo, and the least you could’ve done was find out the name of the guy who’s physics you’ve nicked. But I like the way you’ve done your menu with the option ofhaving more than one car. Did you just use two different scenes for that, or did you actually use some messages and variabes, because you’d need to use variables eventually otherwise it’ll be just to complicated to have many tracks and cars.

Keep up the good work and reach for that rainbow.

Actually, he probably didn’t get it from the Erwin demo. Well, not directly. Someone else improved the steering and made a pretty nice steering setup, but they gave credit to Erwin (and used that same car). I would have to look for the .blend.

Anyway, I like the speedo and a few other things.

I would like to ask where you got the sound effects? Car sound effects are hard to find. I downloaded dozens and still haven’t found any good ones.

can you post .blend please?

I don’t think this is the one I was talking about, but it’s the same vehicle script.
It’s the one I’m using for my little ‘car game’.

If you tweak the settings a little, you can really make the car handle well.

I use this physics for my game (Bullet vehicle simulation test).

I would like to ask where you got the sound effects?

I do not remember where from this sound. but i upload it

and i make a new version:


Actually, I think I’m using that exact sound for my final gear. I didn’t realize you were using one sound and changing the pitch through python (at least it seems). I could never get that method to sound right, but you did a good job.

(I use 4 or 5 sounds, it does a ‘burn off’ where the tires squeal. It then changes sound when it upshifts and downshifts. It sounds good, except for the final gear.)

Oh, and I think that is the “Erwin demo”.

Hi gregorywojcik,

I noticed that you went the extra mile and compressed the game with RAR.

If you want an easier way to compress the file, look in the blender menubar…

File>compress file…

You can also package the file so all of your game assetts are included as well,(textures,sounds,scripts,etc)
File>Package data…

The compress is done with Gzip, not quite as compressed as 7zip or RAR but it is a hell of a lot easyer to do…

plus it is easyer on us when we look at your game, we can just open it from our web browser.
The way you have it, people must first install a RAR un-archiver, download your game, un-compress it, navigate to the uncompressed folder, and run the game.

If you did the internal packaging, and compressing, We can just click on your link, and tell our web browser to open it in blender.

nice game/demo BTW :slight_smile:

New wersion

  • Sparks during impacts
  • R - Turn on wheels
  • Greatest city
  • car don’t slow to much when drift
  • Archive self-extracting :smiley:

.Blend PLEASE!!! This sounds so good.

I upload blend file of my game:

really great game, need to be improved, but still… a great game.