Arcade WIP

Hey guys. Someone on Instagram told me I should come here and post this WIP. Been messing with this for a while and recently started modeling more cabinets. The goal of course is a complete arcade. All of it is just for fun.

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Boy do I miss these arcades! :sob: Where I live there is none and to get to a really old and degraded arcade I need to travel 120Km. Last time I’ve been there, there was only Sega Rally 2 and Dead or Alive to play. My favorite ever was “Dinosaurs and Cadillacs”.

Sorry for this :sweat_smile: I didn’t miss a day at the arcades on the old days!

Regarding your work all seems very good and accurate to me… actually makes me wonder how did you made the textures of the cabinets? Are they the originals decals or a collage from posters and such?
The Joystick seems pretty good, but the buttons seem a bit different of the usual ones around here.

They look more like these (click arrow to see)

…The ones you have seem somehow a bit more fragile.

I’ll keep an eye! Keep up the great work! :wink:

Thank you. You are correct on the buttons. I do need to go back and rework them.

We are fortunate to have a fantastic arcade/bar here. Has all the classic arcade games. Also pinball and skeeball…It’s amazing.

As for the textures I found a good source that includes high res images. Paper Arcade on Flickr.

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A little editing needed on some of these that show coin slots.

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