I’ve always been fascinated with fantasy.
This image tells a story of the invaders trying to conquer a mythical realm, only to be met by the mage that protects the land.

Used Human generator add-on and Marvelous designer for the mage. The invaders are assets from BigMediumSmall.


beautiful! :+1:

Thank you!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you, Bart!

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Super cool! Mind if I ask how much of god-rays effect was achieved directly in Blender and how much is it post-process work? Looks great!

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Thank you! The god rays are 90% blender. Made with the volume scatter and another plane that’s above the scene with a noise texture that’s plugged into its alpha channel to give the effect of multiple rays. The only post processing applied to the god rays is a bit of a smokey overlay to provide some unevenness and a natural look to it.

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